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    Truck HD 10W40

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    Truck HD 10W40

    This is a synthetic based lubricant based on carefully selected highly refined base oils. This oil is designed to meet the latest specifications of both European and American manufacturers of heavy diesel engines. It provides excellent protection against deposits in oil pipes, turbo's and provides improved protection against camshaft wear.

    • ACEA A3/B4/E7
    • API CI-4/SL
    • ALLISON C-4
    • MB 228.3/229.1
    • MAN M 3275-1
    • VOLVO VDS-3
    • MTU Type 2
    • Cummins CES 20076/20077/20078
    • Mack EO-N/EO-M Plus
    • Global DHD-1
    • Cat ECF-1-a/ECF-2
    • Deutz DQC III-10
    • Detroit Diesel 93K215
    • ZF TE-ML 07C

    Total engine protection : outstanding engine cleanliness and durability. Cold start : very good fluidity at low temperature.


    Suitable for low-emission engines in the Euro II and Euro III standards. It is not suitable for Euro IV engines with particulate filter. It allows very long drain intervals.

    Unit Average
    Density at 15 °C kg/l 0.861
    Viscosity -20 °C mPas 5800
    Viscosity 40 °C mm²/s 85.81
    Viscosity 100 °C mm²/s 13.80
    Viscosity index 156
    Flash point COC °C 222
    Pour point °C -39
    Total Base Number mgKOH/g 10.7