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    Truck Top DS 10W30

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    Truck Top DS 10W30

    This is a semi synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected highly refined base oils. This is a "Low SAPS" oil, made of a specially customized additive package, in order to meet Euro V and U.S. EPA 07 emission standards. Compared to other motor oils, it offers exceptional protection against wear and guarantees lower pollution. The formulation includes a state of the art friction modifier for improved fuel economy.

    • ACEA: E7 Issue 2
    • ACEA: E9 Issue 2
    • API: CJ-4/SM
    • CUMMINS: CES 20081
    • DEUTZ: DQC-III-10 LA
    • MACK: EO-O Premium Plus
    • MAN: M3575
    • MB: 228.31
    • RENAULT: RLD-3
    • VOLVO: VDS-4

    Aftertreatment protection: full aftertreatment system protection. Total engine protection: outstanding engine cleanliness and durability. Fuel economy: lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


    This fuel economy Heavy Duty engine oil is suitable for use in both on-road en off-highway applications. This engine oil contributes to low exhaust emission and particle levels benefits highly to the lifetime of emission control systems. This product complies with and exceeds the requirements of API CJ-4. By meeting the requirements of OEM’s in Europe and North America this product has a wide choice of application possibilities. This product can be applied in Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines with SCR exhaust gas system and in Euro 3 and Euro 4 engines, when indicated by the manufacturer

    Unit Average
    Density at 15 °C kg/l 0.864
    Viscosity -25 °C mPas 6120
    Viscosity 40 °C mm²/s 79.90
    Viscosity 100 °C mm²/s 12.00
    Viscosity index 145
    Flash point COC °C 226
    Pour point °C -36
    Total Base Number mgKOH/g 8.9